“Alex’s undercover career exposing neo-Nazi organizations leads him on a perilous journey across three continents. However, the greatest threat proves to come from closer to home.”

Father Love is a cautionary tale about the potentially fatal consequences of family secrets, unanswered questions, and unrequited paternal love and affection. Driven by his relentless desperation to win the love and attention of his Nazi-worshipping and Holocaust-denying father, Alex von Stein makes a surprising and courageous decision to infiltrate a growing worldwide network of neo-Nazi underground activities. From now on, he must plan his every move with the utmost care to avoid becoming a deadly target. As Alex penetrates deeper into the dark underground world of hate groups, he is forced to abandon his old identity and adopt a new persona whose values he abhors. Eventually, love forces him to return to the man he once was, a difficult task for someone consumed by his work and the pursuit of his father’s affection.

After a dangerous but thrilling career, he is confronted by the darkest of family secrets which will determine if he, in his pursuit of the unvarnished truth, can cheat death one final time.