Nick Wilder

Nick Wilder is a German actor, musician and author.

Born as Klaus Wilder on the German island Fehmarn in 1952, he became world windsurfing champion in 1977 and opened his first windsurfing store in Denmark. After completing his studies in wood economics at the University of Hamburg, Nick emigrated to the USA and opened his second windsurfing business in Florida in 1983. In 1991, he moved to Los Angeles and began his acting career there at the age of 39.

A role in Roland Emmerich’s global success “Stargate” was the starting point for further guest appearances in American soaps, films and series. In Germany, he became known as the advertising icon “Herr Kaiser” (1997-2010), played various leading roles in many German series and was the ship’s doctor “Doc Sander” in the popular TV series “Das Traumschiff” ( 2010-2020).

For the past 27 years, Nick Wilder and his wife and fellow actress Christine Mayn have lived in Montana, USA.

In the 2024 season, Nick will star as the villain “Emery Forster” at the Karl May Plays in Bad Segeberg.

In 2019 he wrote down his adventurous lifen in his book “Life is wilder than you think!” and has been presenting his autobiography as an entertaining reading on German-speaking stages since 2022.

This review of his life prompted Nick to devote himself even more intensively to writing. Together with his American co-author Richard Opper, they have created a 10-part TV series called “Father Love“. Now they have also written the novel for this series. VATERLIEBE.

Richard H. Opper

Richard Opper is a publisher novelist, screenwriter, and painter.

He has written three novels and eight feature-length screenplays on subjects that include the Chernobyl nuclear accident, Watergate, gun violence in schools, mental health and homelessness, and three comedies, He has also co-written with Nick Wilder “Father Love“, a ten-episode series about a German boy who, desperate for his ex-Nazi father’s affection, chooses an opposite career path that culminates in a life and death clash between him and his father.

Now retired, Richard previously served on the Cabinet of two Montana Governors. He has testified before State Legislators and the U.S. Congress. He has overseen a staff of over 3,000 employees and a budget of over $2 billion/year, and he understands well the political world he portrays in many of his screenplays.